D Madness Project!

What an experience it was being able to perform with D Madness, he's a legend in Austin! If you ask anyone about D Madness, the first thing they'll say is, "you don't know D Madness?" and continue to tell you a story about something crazy they've seen him do. I literally stuck around Austin an extra day just to experience the hype first hand, and man was it worth it! First of all, I've never known anyone to play keys and drums at the same time. Although the keys were all loops, which he creates and records the night before each performance, he's able to manage a multitude of tasks and never misses a beat! On top of that, dude's a beat boxing beast!! I'm talking dj scratching, congo drumming, Bobby McFarrin beast lol. I'm so glad I was able to experience him live.

What I loved most about D Madness was his incredible humility! As if he was surprised the entire town was raving about him! It was pretty sweet.

Some of the little things that also made me happy about the performance... I was called on stage at 1:13 in the morning (my numerical birthday and lucky number), no surprise, and my new friend, CJ who actually assisted in showing me an AMAZING time in Austin asked me to sing about "shadows".. Little did he know I had a whole song on the subject matter! Piece of cake! All in all, Austin just showed me a lot of great energy! The city is so filled with musicians that everyone understands the desire to share their work on stage, and so they encourage you to do so. It was truly beautiful to be engulfed in a culture so full of art and music! I will DEFINITELY be coming back to Austin :)

Be sure to check out D Madness, trust me, you'll enjoy it!