Operation L I V E

In October 2011, I met this woman in New York on a ferry to Staten Island.  She told me her story of how she found God and lives everyday following His direction for her.  Quit a lucrative job working in the financial district, lost her house in Staten Island and now lives on the streets taking each day, one day at a time.  During our conversation, God spoke to her, in that moment, God told her to tell me that I would follow the path that he had laid out for me when I became an adult, she said, give it two years.  That moment replays in my head often.  She said, "your purpose will become clear to you, and I'm sure you'll make the right decision".

I probably spent all of 2013 waiting for a sign, waiting for the moment that would stand out to me so clearly that I knew exactly what I should do.  December 10, 2013, I was laid off from a job that was weighing on my soul, making me calloused, and extremely toxic.  Though I loved my position as an instructor, the atmosphere was so negative, it was hard to see the positives.  I remember threatening to quit weeks before I was laid off, but decided that I would stick around.  What a great relief to find out I was being cut, rather than being a quitter.

With plans in the works to move up to New York, jumping into another full time job didn't seem smart, or practical, or even feasible at the moment.  After being bogged down by such a toxic work environment, I was honestly scathed by the idea of working right away.  THAT was my sign.  The sense of freedom, the way that my mind opened up allowing me to imagine the next steps, all by the way of music, nothing was more clear.  The thing that makes me most certain that I am properly following my direction is how much it scares me... Stepping out, one giant leap of faith to pursue a career in which very few succeed.  On the road with little resources, no itinerary, just a bunch of ideas and built up anxiety knowing that there is something greater out there for me and I MUST find it...

Earlier today, I recalled the conversation I had on the ferry.  The part that stands out most to me was the extreme faith that this woman exuded.  She said, "I follow God's path for me every day in full surrender because every day, He provides for me exactly what I need for that day, nothing more, nothing less, bringing me in contact with the people He wants me to speak to, like you".  I have faith that God will do the same for me.  If He brings you to it, He'll also bring you through it.

So here I go, setting out on a trip unlike any I've ever experienced.  One giant leap, one that I'm not only ready for, but extremely excited aboutI look forward to sharing these experiences with you in detail, pictures, videos, and blogs.