Dear Dad,

In a world where good fathers are hard to come by, you did your best to lead without an example of your own.

Sacrificed every bit of time you had to keep our family safe and warm and fed.

So many times I've complained about the dad that you weren't without ever acknowledging the man that you are.

The man that taught me how to be an independent woman, who showered me with love every chance you got even it was in between work or sleep, the man that made sure I knew my worth in a world where so many have assumed they already knew it.

It's a blessing to have you!


I look at the woman that I am today and I am astonished at all of the things I've learned from you.

I am proud to wear your last name as my own. You are loved and respected by so many, and as long as I can I will fulfill the beautiful legacy that you've begun.

I thank you for your support and for giving me everything you felt like a father should give their daughter.

As I except my Queendom, I look up to the man who made it all possible.  My first King, my father, my friend, and one heck of a man.

I love you, Dad!