Sanaa Fest

This Saturday, I had the opportunity to perform at the 2nd Annual Sanaa Fest.  I had the privilege to perform at the 1st Annual Festival and was excited to return to that good good energy.  Without expectation, I ended up stepping up to help the visionary of the festival RUN the entire festival.  It was quite a feat and I must admit that I'm proud of myself for the quality of work I ended up putting in.  

Saturday was...... I still don't have the words for it.  But I know this.  I leveled UP this weekend. 

I'm still processing all of the beauty that came from the Sanaa Fest.  All of it.  From successful running an event that catered to over 1500 people, to fulfilling my dream of performing with an all female band, to making a substantial amount of money in tips, to meeting phenomenal artists who saw the same amount of talent in me that I saw in them! 

God moves in incredible ways.  A lot of times beyond our expectation.  I don't know what's going to come from this weekend's accomplishments, but I can already feel the momentum building.  It's intense too.... 

When I think about all the things that had to happen for me to get to this one moment, I look at God and I smile at his craftsmanship.  He always places you where you need to be, whether you want him to or not.  

Truthfully, I'm still worn out from this weekend... I'm still in awe.... I'm still proud... And I know that I'm going to revisit this moment often as a pivotal moment in my life.  So I thank God for the opportunity to continue to BeGreat>.