"People like to Complain"

I recently started working in customer service at a taco shop in Brooklyn.. A job where I constantly remind my boss and manager that,"people like to hear themselves complain".  Most of the time, they have nothing to complain about, or their just being incredibly particular about how they want things done.  About the 5th time I reminded my coworkers that "people like to complain", I realized that I am much like all of these people. 

After writing, "Sacrifice", my last blog, I looked back at the blogs I'd written before.  They felt so full of distress.  These moments that weren't exactly negative, but definitely weren't positive.  My roommate said, "they're reflective" which I do agree with, but my reflection seemed to be a bit in the dark.    

I found myself feeling a little ridiculous, curious as to how it was I had so much to complain about. When I look objectively at my life, I'm doing absolutely everything I've ever wanted to do.  Between working a flexible job to technically being bicoastal and traveling back and forth to working from home and creating my own schedule, and still being able to work a job that forces me to be social.  I've got a pretty amazing life, one that I've worked hard to set up, and finally I've arrived. 

We always want more, don't we? 

It makes it pretty difficult to enjoy the fruits of our labor when we are constantly thinking about what's next or dwelling in what was. We have to stop and realize that the moment is all we can ask for! For me, I found it difficult to let go of all that I had already let go of.  I kept talking about all that I was sacrificing, all that I had given up for this dream.  Things that are still true to this day.  What I failed to realize was all that I had sacrificed, I didn't even need! And what I gained from those "sacrifices" was far greater than anything I could've imagined.  I've lost nothing.  

Over the last two weeks I've been diligently working on opening my chakras through meditation, and in that time, I've found myself realizing that much of what we hold dear to us doesn't matter at all.  We seek sympathy because we lack compassion or companionship, we aim to be acknowledged because we lack confidence within ourselves.  We give these things value, we give opinions value, we give money value, we give accomplishment value.  None of that really matters.  Within our divine purpose, we were designed to master ourselves, our own little universe within... In order to truly do that we have to let go of our attachment to this world! That doesn't mean it disappears, it just means we are not hung up on everything that this world throws at is.  With that we become less and less concerned with what we've lost, missed out on, what we haven't yet accomplished, and what we've failed to gain.  

I am still struggling with letting go of my attachments, but I also realize now that I have not sacrificed a single thing! Instead, I have purged myself of all that needed to go to gain all that I've sought after. 

I'll leave you with this video, it's been a wonderful simple tool that's helped me with meditation!