It's beautiful to me that the last time I wrote was to speak on how I was full of complaints... Then suddenly, I no longer had time to write blogs, for good reason.  

Momentum started progressively picking up, and suddenly, I'm here, the closest I've ever been to the finish line. It's honestly very surreal. 

In 2012, if you'd asked me when I thought AudioBook would be done, I would've told you, "in a month or so...", and I would've meant it, wholeheartedly... I didn't realize how long it would take to create this masterpiece.  I say masterpiece not to describe the quality but to describe the amount of time, effort, and patience I've put into this project... It took me 3.5 years to master this piece... Literally! And if we're talking about quality, well.... It's pretty damn magical, if you ask me. 

Finally, an emotion I'm entirely able to articulate...

A lot of people have asked me why I've decided to title this project, "AudioBook", and honestly, I hadn't put that much thought into it lol.  It was a title, I felt very strongly about when I started, and since then had stuck with for promotional purposes, but upon listening to it straight through, I'd realized the power in the story... 

This album is the soundtrack to my self-discovery. And I am sooooooooo grateful for this journey.  For the growth that's come with it, for the challenges, for the acceptance, for the love, for music choosing me. For me choosing purpose.  

Last time I completed something in 4 years it was college lol.  This hands down trumps that experience... 6 more days... #JourneyTo6.19 

(ps. I think I may take "trump" out of my vocabulary.... that guy really sucks.)